Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Explorers!

Our classroom welcomed 14 different European explorers this past week. The men shared with us their life stories, their goals, ambitions, and legacies.

We completed our own journey of exploration in canoes the week before that, exploring new islands and seeking out new civilizations.  It has been a year-long journey into the unknown, and we have all returned wiser and better prepared for the challenges ahead.

Bon voyage, class of 2015!  Bueno suerte en Grade 6!  Chus!

It has been an honor and a pleasure to be your teacher this year!
Yours truly,
~Mr. Stewart
Leif Eriksson

Marco Polo
Christopher Columbus
John Cabot

Vasco DaGama

Ponce DeLeon
Hernando Cortes
Ferdinand Magellan
Francisco Pizarro

Jacques Cartier
Hernando DeSoto

Francisco de Coronado

Henry Hudson

James Cook

A Sea Chest of the Age of Exploration

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mickey Novak Retires, MAD Science Continues, and We Enter the Age of Exploration!

We said farewell this spring to a long-time contributor to education in our area, U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Mickey Novak.

May the fish find your lures and the jokes never stop!  We'll miss you, Mickey!

Mad Science Challenge:  How much upward movement can you create in a roller coaster?  The goal was to convert potential energy to kinetic energy and then recapture that energy again by sending the ball back up a ramp. The winners were the ones who created roller coasters with the greatest total rise in the ball's path. Each team had the same materials and dropped the steel ball from the same height.  Photos below!

Up next: The Age of European Exploration!