Friday, January 14, 2011

From Richard Byrne's site

This looks intriguing!

Nabber - Learn Languages with Others

Nabber is a new service for learning a new language with the help of others online. Think of Nabber as part vocabulary studying tool, part social network.

Here's how Nabber works; you can browse for vocabulary words and phrases translated by other members of the Nabber network. Likewise you can contribute your own translations to the network. Nabber provides space to not only give a translation, but also to provide an explanation of the translation. If you come across a Nabber member who is making a lot of good contributions, you can follow that person to keep up with all of the translations they contribute.

Pandora plus

Just  set up a Pandora account. I have used iTunes before and downloaded a podcast or two.  UC Berkley has all their lectures available on iTunesU.  Pretty cool idea.  I listened to a philosophy lecture that was fascinating at first, then way too esoteric for me, especially since I had not done the reading.(!)
Ack! I was listening to Pandora in a fine mood when an ad for Netflix popped up and shattered the mood.  How do I keep Pandora running in class with ads hitting the kids' ears?  I am vehemently and rabidly opposed to advertisements that target children.
Not good.  I guess I could just monitor the songs and pay attention to when they end so I can stop ads in mid-flight, but what a pain.