Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Haiku picture poem with PicLit

Just discovered I
need to use Insert Image
 to show my  Haiku.

Live and Learn.

Nature poems

Fun thing about being the writing and science teacher for grade 4:  my students get to write about science topics and get to do science at writing time too.
We are writing poems about nature and things that can be found in various ecosystems and habitats.  I didn't like what wordle or piclit did to my poem.  I think I might revisit piclit for a haiku.
My first effort is below:

E          B
By Bill Stewart

A medieval shielded carapace
Covering lacy, doily napkin wings, seemingly 
Incapable of lifting its
Medieval shielded carapace.
Its six overly angled
Crutch legs,
Delicately stepping and probing about, seemingly
Incapable of lifting its
Medieval shielded carapace;
With its beetle crest insignia
Proclaiming:  I am here!
Beware my oily, 
Musky stench.
Beware the

Friday, November 12, 2010

Still more garlic

Wordle Link to stylized Garlic Poem
I like the original better, but it is fun to play with the text like this.

Garlic Poem

Bill Stewart

I see the fangs, the sharp white tusks, emerging from the ground.
What dragon thrusts its maw from subterranean cave to threaten my feet?
Like a green snake it slithers up and twists into the sun, forked god of fire.
And when I dare to grasp this tooth, this stinking tusk,
I wrench it from the ground to find, not a fang, not a mouth,
But an old man’s beard!  Tangled and white, 
Growing around shrunken lips, like the mouth of a sea anemone.
This is no Dragon’s Maw!  This is Vampire Bane!  Garlic!  Garlic!!!  GARLIC!!!
Rub it on your feet and your breath will stink of it.
Eat it raw and you will have the breath of a Dragon!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Garlic 2

The cloves of garlic have grown beards! Nothing is visible above the rim, but the rough bottoms of the cloves have white roots, typically about 14 of them, shooting down into the water. Exciting discovery for the fourth graders!  We will continue to monitor growth of roots and shoots, measuring their growth and predicting how much they will grow by next week.
Fun with Science!

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Post

Welcome to the Neighborhood!  LES is more is a blog dedicated to the trials and travails of the Leverett Fourth Grade's science, writing, and math teacher, Mr. Stewart and his 36 students.
Today we experimented with garlic and had a ball!  The room smells like an Italian restaurant, and the garlic cloves are soaking:  will they grow?  Will the peeled cloves grow more quickly than the unpeeled cloves?
Stay tuned!