Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nature poems

Fun thing about being the writing and science teacher for grade 4:  my students get to write about science topics and get to do science at writing time too.
We are writing poems about nature and things that can be found in various ecosystems and habitats.  I didn't like what wordle or piclit did to my poem.  I think I might revisit piclit for a haiku.
My first effort is below:

E          B
By Bill Stewart

A medieval shielded carapace
Covering lacy, doily napkin wings, seemingly 
Incapable of lifting its
Medieval shielded carapace.
Its six overly angled
Crutch legs,
Delicately stepping and probing about, seemingly
Incapable of lifting its
Medieval shielded carapace;
With its beetle crest insignia
Proclaiming:  I am here!
Beware my oily, 
Musky stench.
Beware the

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