Friday, January 14, 2011

Pandora plus

Just  set up a Pandora account. I have used iTunes before and downloaded a podcast or two.  UC Berkley has all their lectures available on iTunesU.  Pretty cool idea.  I listened to a philosophy lecture that was fascinating at first, then way too esoteric for me, especially since I had not done the reading.(!)
Ack! I was listening to Pandora in a fine mood when an ad for Netflix popped up and shattered the mood.  How do I keep Pandora running in class with ads hitting the kids' ears?  I am vehemently and rabidly opposed to advertisements that target children.
Not good.  I guess I could just monitor the songs and pay attention to when they end so I can stop ads in mid-flight, but what a pain.

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  1. A whole slew of single women's faces from the Northampton area just appeared on my screen because of the very minimal data I entered I my profile. Also, an ad for sounded off between songs. Perhaps I should have included more in my profile like the fact that I am married, but I always believe that less is so much more when sharing info with potential advertisers. Why else is Pandora free?
    Food for more than just thought.
    Why is Facebook a mega-billion dollar company?
    Check out the movie The Social Network if you have not seen it. It is clever, has great dialogue, and it's very thought provoking.
    Hearing what is happening in Tunisia almost inspired me to join facebook. The site has the potential to completely change the way we receive information and expand our sense of the "media" entirely. Still have not signed up though. Pandora is teaching me lessons about privacy already!