Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Haiku and one about conifers

Great Blue Heron sits
Great Horned Owl attacks the nest
Who is the Greatest


Discarded food wrappers
Stepped on
With one lazy ant listlessly triple checking
For remains
That the squirrel missed
And the mouse
And the legions of other, more industrious ants
Resin drizzled, or maybe rosin dappled,
Flecked with sticky tar-lets
Last fall’s trash
They’ve all missed one tiny conifer seed
In which case
In time
With luck
Through battles too slow to attend
For light
For Earth
From gnawing teeth
From gnashing pincers
From fungal blight
From the toothless, stomach-acid mouths of slugs and snails
In time
And in more time
And still more,
This piece of forest trash may
With luck
With light
With Earth
With water enough to slake its thirst
Into a forest giant
Mast straight
With a full rigging of green sails
Billowing yellow dust in hopes of birthing more
Resin drizzled, or maybe rosin dappled

Bill Stewart             May, 2012
Harboring dreams of future trees.

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