Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Is it Living or Non-living?  Two substances, both alike in dignity... by which I mean similar in color, size, texture, dryness, quantity. Different in terms of smell, the way they react to being shaken around in a styrofoam cup, the sound they make when shaken, a different feel when touched.
Substance A and Substance B.  What if we put them each in warm water and give them food in the form of sugar?  What will happen? Will they react to the change? Will they get and use the energy?  Will they grow? Produce waste?  Reproduce?  Are they alive?
Cups with substance A are on the right side of the photo above. Cups with Substance B are on the left. Which one reacted to change, used the energy in the sugar, and produced waste in the form of CO2 gas?
These photos were taken Tuesday, September 17, four days after the start of the experiment.  Are the yeast cells from Cup B still living?    The sand from Cup A seems to still be non-living, despite the sugar we added to the water.
Mad science!

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