Wednesday, April 30, 2014



Our Ancient Cultures Fair was a huge success!  Everyone from Kindergarten on up visited our fair, and the feedback we got was universally positive.  The Fifth Graders were able to tailor the exhibits so they were appropriately interactive for children of different ages (and adults as well).  The food was delicious (Molly has threatened to stop cooking and let the Fifth Graders take over the kitchen!).  The interactive arts and crafts were a big hit, and the game was hugely popular.  Each historical civilization  presented in its own way: the Inca were welcoming prospective citizens to their empire; the Mayans created a school where students could eat and then learn to write, build, and play a new game;  the Aztecs created a market reminiscent of Tenochtitlan, with money made of cacao beans, art for sale, bracelet making, face painting, food to sample, and a bit of gambling for those with a little extra time on their hands.


Here is a link to the brochures the students created for each culture and photos of the fair:

Noah and Ocea's photography experiment

Ocea reflects

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