Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stock Out!

We released our brook trout into the Sawmill River in Montague today!

In the classroom, we had about a 50% overall mortality rate and some trouble keeping the water clean, despite frequent water changes, additions of healthy bacteria, frequent replacement of recharged ammonia chips and ammo lock, and weekly water quality testing.

Today was a fun day in the river for both the trout and human fry!

Pre-stock out... not much to read for the fish, even though they are in a school.

Hauling the cooler full of brook trout to the bus on a hand truck

Zach and Will keeping the water oxygenated en route

Collecting the fry in cups

One at a time

Letting the fish acclimate to their new homes

Celebrating the release of the trout!

Fifth Graders acclimating to the river habitat

Exploring the riffled stream bed from the shore

A rapidly cold seat

Swimming with the fish!

It seemed like the Fifth Graders might be ready for a day on canoes after this trip in knee deep water.  Next up: Tully Lake and an epic paddle!

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